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You can’t believe it. During your dental appointment, the dentist reveals that one of your teeth is damaged beyond repair and needs to be extracted immediately. You are going to have a gap in your mouth-you’re going to be missing a tooth. Implantes dentales medellin

Your knee-jerk reaction is to feel utterly embarrassed. How could this have happened to you? Will you ever want to show your smile again? Your dentist explains that implants are available to fill in the gap, but you are still struggling to accept reality.

The truth is that needing dental implants isn’t something you have to feel ashamed of. In fact, here are five reasons you shouldn’t.

Reason #1: Everyone Makes Mistakes.

No one is perfect all the time. There’s always at least one area where improvement can be made, and perhaps oral health is yours. Perhaps you’ve missed certain areas in your brushing, or maybe you don’t floss regularly and have lost a tooth or two as a result of infection. If you’ve caused the issue, it can be easy to blame yourself or feel like a failure. However, unless it leads to healthier habits, pointing the finger at yourself isn’t very productive.

Sometimes, a missing tooth is the result of something completely out of anyone’s control. For instance, even those who are diligent about their oral health can suffer an unexpected injury. Also, some people are simply born with fewer than 32 permanent teeth through no fault of their own making.

Regardless of the circumstances that led to the need for dental implants, you don’t have to feel ashamed about what brought you to this point. You deserve to have a second chance at a smile you can be proud of. Dental implants offer this opportunity, and you are allowed to feel confident in taking it!

Reason #2: Plenty of People Are Missing One or More Teeth.

Even if people rarely talk about it, tooth loss is actually quite common. In fact, according to the American College of Prosthodontists, 120 million Americans have lost at least one tooth. Plus, 36 million in the US have no natural teeth left at all! Needless to say, if you have missing teeth, you have plenty of company and are not alone.

Realizing that losing teeth is more common than you think can help normalize the conversation for tooth replacement. In other words, when you know that others have lost teeth too, you can discuss your replacement options with your oral surgeon without hesitation or embarrassment.

Reason #3: Today’s Implants Are Not Your Grandma’s Replacement Teeth.

When you think of replacing teeth, you may envision your grandparents’ dentures that clearly looked fake. Your elderly loved ones may not have even been able to eat food like they used to. Well, dental implants are different. Rather than sitting on top of the gum tissue, which can result in slipping and sliding, implants are embedded in the jawbone, which means you can still eat raw vegetables, tender meat, or basically anything else you want!

In addition to being more advanced than dentures, implants are more successful now than ever before. Cutting-edge technology used by oral surgeons makes the implant placement surgery much more precise and reduces the risk of complications. For instance, a cone CT scanner creates a 3D map of the oral cavity, showing teeth, jawbone tissue, blood vessels, and more. From this image, the oral surgeon can plan the procedure with fewer risks and higher chances of success.

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